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Why Do Married Women Cheat?
Why Do Married Women Cheat?
  A recent survey conducted in the United States shows that more and more married women are cheating on their spouses than ever before. And the infidelity gender gap is almost certainly closing as figures given by a couple's therapist's shows close to 35%-45% women compared with 55% of men.

So, what is cheating?

Cheating generally means that you are not fully satisfied with you current partner or that you feel something is missing in the relationship.

The workplace, working out, the Internet have provided married women with more sexual opportunities that ever before. With better jobs and salaries, the risk seen low if they are caught.

If you are so completely in love and happy within your relationship, then why would you take all the risks from what you currently have for a fling with another man?

Married women cheat basically because they are not satisfy or not getting what they expected to get when she got marry. The reasons for a married woman to cheat could be endless. Here are the top reasons:

  1. Poor to no sex life
  2. Lost of passion in the relationship
  3. Simply feeling not loved by your partner
  4. Husband is never home
  5. Never get to spend quality time together
  6. Spending too much times with childbearing and lost the courtship with your husband.
  7. Husband is inattentive
  8. Lack of and/or fear of intimacy
  9. Lack or no emotional and sexual bond

Due to what ever reason for a married woman cheat more then half of the marriage end up divorce.

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