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Why Do Women Get Married?
Why Do Women Get Married?
  There are many reasons why women will get married. Why a woman marry marriage is one of, if not, the most important decisions in anyone's life. Marriage can and will have effect on your whole life. These effects on you whole life can be positive or it can be negative.

So you may ask, why do we woman want to get marry? To many girls out there the answer may be relatively simple, "I fell in love", or he was everything I have ever wanted in a man. Many girls may have other reasons such as sexual urges, appearing grown up or just being free from parents.

Getting married is every girls dream. The very minute the girl fall in love, in there mind they will plan their wedding. They would imagine themselves walking down the aisle in the most beautiful white grown, in front of all the family, friends and other guest and making a life time commitment with someone who loves, cherish, understand, trust, and believe in you and your dream. Getting married is start of a new chapter in life.

Other motives are not realistic and increases the chances of unfulfilled are going to live happier ever after. The conclusion is there is no one reasons for marriage that is better that any other. In many women's opinions, many of the right reasons for marriage are based on the mutual gratification of each others' needs including physically and mentally. Marriages are the means of sharing, loving and companionship to one another. It allows both parties in the relationship to grow and flourish with time.

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