Lots of Guys Are Asking Themselves, “Why Am I in Love with a Married Woman”

Do you know the saying, “You can’t help who you fall in love with?”  This has never been as true as it is for those who find that they are in love with a married woman.  Is it that this woman herself is so special or is it that the timing was just right?  What is it about your particular married woman that has you so in love with her?  In order to understand your feelings for this woman, you might want to consider a few things.

  • For starters, you should consider the fact that statistically, there are many ideal mates for any individual.  No matter how much you want to say that the two of you were meant to be, the fact is that if you met any number of other women you would have likely fallen in love with them as well.   So, there are some things about the married woman that you’re in love with that genuinely appeal to you.  Maybe it’s the way she talks, or the quirky way that she talks.  Chances are that you’ve got physical connection by now, which only makes the love you feel stronger.
  • The next thing you should think about when you ask why you’re in love with a married woman is the amount of time that the two of you have spent together.  When you’re spending time with a woman that has attributes that you enjoy the setting becomes a little more intimate.  These times help to build trust; respect and can reinforce the bond between two people.  Add that to laughter and any kind of physical encounters and you have a sure recipe for falling in love.
  • Remember that the timing was right.  In your mind, whether you were looking for it or not, you were in a place in life where you were emotionally open enough to let yourself fall in love.  It didn’t matter that she was a married woman because when the two of you were together, the only people there were you and her.  Marriage is just a piece of paper.  No matter how you rationalize it, the fact that she was married was likely something that didn’t really figure into your decision to see her again.
  • If you don’t meet her, you can’t get to know her and if you can’t get to know her, it’s pretty likely that you wouldn’t fall in love with her.  In some situations it is possible to fall in love with a married woman without actually receiving advances from her, such as can happen in the workplace, but in most situations when you fall in love with a married woman it’s because she’s falling in love with you.

Ultimately, being in love with a married woman isn’t the worst thing that can happen, but it can cause some pretty serious complications.  So if you want to avoid them, you should really consider what dating a married woman can lead to and decide before you start if you’re willing to have to be the “other man.”  Sometimes, removing yourself from the situation entirely can be enough to keep you from falling in love.

When it comes to love, though, remember that your heart can’t stop what’s happening if you don’t make it.  If it feels right, it’s pretty likely that love will happen if you don’t do anything to stop it, even if your heart’s desire happens to be a married woman.