Married Couple Secrets You Never Knew

Did you know that lots of married couples have secrets?  They might be funny, they might be really hard to deal with and they might be something that they try to keep buried for everyone’s sake.  The thing is that almost every married couple has at least one secret.  Are you curious as to what some of the most common are?


In the US, an estimated 30 – 60% of all married people will at some point cheat on their spouse.  What the cheating is will likely depend on whose definition you’re considering and there is a good chance that the other spouse will never even find out if it’s a onetime thing.   Lots of people cheat and when it is discovered, many couples choose to deal with it on their own and not tell anyone about it.  For some, the idea that it will come out in the open is too much to handle emotionally.  For others, it has to do with how friends and family will respond to the cheater and many times, the spouse never knows, so it becomes something that is just never brought into the open.

Some cultures don’t consider cheating to be such a big issue, which makes it one of those married couple secrets that just doesn’t really need to be shared.

Lack of Action in the boudoir

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the numbers might differ depending on the country, but lots of people are not enjoying intimate relationships with their spouses.  Some enjoy their extracurricular activities about once weekly, while others report not having been together in that way for as long as a year.  This is a long time to be without the touch of the one you love, and it’s definitely something that many married couples choose to keep secret.

The reasons for this lack of physical affection might range from being busy and tired, childbirth, affairs and even male issues, but they still make up the fact that many couples are doing nothing but sleeping between those sheets.

Money problems – or not

Lots of couples will keep their financial situations a secret from friends and family.  It’s a personal matter they will say, but the truth is that money problems can put a huge strain on a relationship and many married couples actually split up due to financial issues.

In other marriages, financial problems with one spouse are often kept a secret as well.  In many cases, one spouse is earning more money and putting it away without sharing with the other part of the couple.  Finding out something like this can be a real problem for the other half.

Even though married couples have secrets, from each other and from friends and family, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are destined for divorce.  Relationships, like all things are constantly flowing and changing, so a month or even a year of lacking intimacy can suddenly become years of close physical intimacy.

Money problems can change as one or both partners begin to earn more money and manage their finances better and sometimes when it comes to that “cheating heart,” a single tryst that nobody knows about is all it takes to make everything better.

There are tons of married couple secrets that you never knew about and you might even have some of your own.