Little Known Ways to Please a Muscle Woman

If you have a muscle woman in your life, you probably know that being with her can be a little intimidating.  She’s gorgeous and strong.  She’s got a crazy hot, sculpted body, so pleasing her might seem like quite the challenge.  Okay, so aside from worrying that you might get your butt kicked if you don’t do things right, you should probably take a better look at this woman to see what it takes to really please her.

Without getting too graphic, there are lots of things that you can do to make your muscle woman happy and they might be easier than you thought:

  • Muscle woman or not, she is still a woman.  She wants to feel like a woman.  If you’re afraid of her, it’s pretty unlikely that you’re going to make her happy.  Take the time to make her feel like you’re taking the lead.  Okay, so if you’re out of line and you try to kiss her, you might find that you have a couple of broken limbs, but really that’s unlikely.  Take the lead.  Be gentle with her.  Here’s a hint:  the next time you enjoy that passionate kiss, touch her face.  Women really love that.  Remember that she is a woman and you love her womanliness.
  • You should take the time to see beyond her body.  She works on her body all day, every day.  She’s got more in there than just weights and stuff.  So, get to know what else is there.  What does she like?  What does she love?  Learn from her knowledge when it comes to health and fitness and enjoy spending time with her.  In lots of ways, you’ll please your muscle woman more when you do this than when you compliment her on her appearance.
  • Let her train you, unless she doesn’t want to.  If you’re with a muscle woman, it’s pretty likely that you’re kind of fit yourself.  Let her take you to the next level if she wants to so you can have a fit sculpted body too.  Admire her knowledge and technique and ask her questions about how you can improve yourself.  Let her touch you and show you what you should be doing to get a fit, healthy body.
  • Here’s the most important thing:  do not be intimidated by a gorgeous muscle woman.  Many guys are really intimidated by these ladies and they shouldn’t be.  They are super strong, sure and they might seem like they can kick your butt, but that doesn’t mean that they want you to be intimidated by them.  In most cases, one of the most exciting things you can do for a muscle woman is to actively participate in a relationship with her – arguments and all.

See, when it comes to muscle women it’s not really that hard to please them.  It doesn’t take some kind of special techniques in the bedroom and it usually doesn’t have much to do with admiring her body.  It has to do more with being a supportive, loving and admiring mate to her.  Pleasing a muscle woman is much like pleasing any other woman – make her feel like a woman and show her how desirable and beautiful you think she is and you’ll find that your relationship is better than you might have imagined.