How to Find a Single Married Woman

Lots of guys love to date married women, and when they are a “single” married woman, it’s even more fun.  If you are thinking that this might be the perfect way to date, but aren’t sure how to meet these married women who are never with their husbands then you aren’t alone.  They’re all around you, but for most of us, it’s not as obvious as to who is happily married and who is very lonely and looking for attention.  There are some ways that you can find lonely married ladies to spend your time with that might make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

The first steps are easy, but they have less to do with going to the right places to meet a single married woman and more to do with learning how to identify them.  Lots of women just go out to have fun and lots of ladies don’t spend much time with their husbands and are perfectly happy, but lots of women are married and lonely.  You might know one already, but here are some ways that you can tell if you have a single married woman or someone who is happily married.

  • They wear a ring – or not, but it seems like they are always out with their girlfriends.  Spending time with female friends is a “safe” way for single married women to blow off some steam, have a good time and fight the loneliness they feel on a daily basis.  When these ladies go to the clubs, it’s a way to enjoy attention and be a little dangerous.  These women are likely thinking about taking the next step toward an affair, but not always.  You’ll know when they very openly hit on you or initiate a conversation.  This is a good time to find out what her status really is.
  • If you know her, it’s likely that you’re always hearing her talk about how her husband is off on another one of his “business” trips.  This woman is lonely and if she’s great looking, it might be your chance to make something happen.  You can’t come on too strong, though.  For this single married woman, it’s got to be her idea.
  • Some single married women look a little sad, or desperate.  Maybe they seem like they’re trying too hard to have a good time.  If they have kids, it’s likely that they overcompensate when it comes to how much fun they can have “without dad.”  If they don’t have kids, married single women often look like they would enjoy feeling attractive again.

Now that you have a better idea of what a single married woman might look like, you should know that you can find them all over the place.  They’re at the hardware store, the grocery store; they are in the clubs, at restaurants.  These ladies go to the beach and spend time in playgrounds with their kids.

Not sure how you’ll know you can make your move?  You’ll know a single married when you see her and you’ll know if she’s noticed you.  She’ll be the one that keeps checking you out, little by little.  Play the game because it’s fun.  Circle around a little bit, get the feel for her, flatter her by making eye contact.  If she keeps looking up or keeps looking at something a little longer than she might ordinarily, then you know you can make your move.

Married single women are all around, waiting to meet someone just like you, so make sure that you know what to look for and then make your move.  You might be surprised.