What to do if you’re in Love with a Woman to Be Married

There she is – the love of your life.  She walks into the room and you light up.  It’s hard to catch your breath and you feel as if the world might stop right there in front of you.  When you’re around her, you feel like you can hardly breathe and when you make eye contact, it’s as if your very life is meant for living just with her.  You would do anything for her, except that she’s going to be married, but not to you.  You love her and given half a chance, you would gladly prove your love.  It’s just that it may very well be far too late.

So what do you do if you’re in love with a woman who’s to be married?  Do you profess your love and risk never seeing her again?  Do you strive to have that affair with her just before she takes her vows and try to be happy just with that?  What do you do?  In truth, there may really be no right answer to this, but if you think that you can make her just as happy as her fiancé, it might well be worth it to make a play for her.

So, what would happen if you told her how you really feel?  If you’re close to the fiancé, you’re likely to lose a good friend, or even a family member.  It might not be worth it in this case; however, if you’re not close to her fiancé or family of her fiancé, then you might well have a case to tell her how you really feel.  Why not just tell her?  Why not just let her know in some desperately breathless way that you’re simply in love with her.  You want her to love you the way that you love her and you dream of the two of you being together until you’re both old.  Tell her that you dream of a life with her and would happily do anything to have the chance to be with her.

If you have the time, you might want to ask her to give you a chance.  She may do just that.  Some brides-to-be feel that it’s their last chance to make very certain that they want to be with their fiancé forever, so do the very best that you can to prove to her that you’re the one she really wants.

Okay, so that’s the one scenario.  What if you choose to say nothing to the woman who’s getting married that you’re in love with?  Don’t be sad and wish for her if you can help it because you’ve made the decision to say nothing.  Instead, try to keep a safe distance and stay busy.  You might not forget, but the hurt and longing for the woman to be married can fade with time.

You should also start seeing someone else.  Don’t make comparisons, of course, but look for the good in any woman you choose to date.  Find someone that you can get along well with and enjoy her company and you’ll likely find that before you know it, you’re not pining away for the woman who’s getting married anymore.

If you’re in love with a woman to be married, you likely know that you’re in a pretty tough spot.  It can be hard to know what the best choice is in this case, but remember that the right choice really depends on you and how you feel, as well as how she feels.  Be sure to think things through and when you feel like you’ve made your choice act on it.  Either way, you can’t stay in limbo indefinitely, so making a move one way or the other is your best bet.